Using Theia layers

Theia's Monthly Mosaic of France from Sentinel2

Theia produces atmospheric-corrected surface reflectance images over about 5 million km2 using the MAJA software.

These single-date products (level 2A) are then processed monthly with the WASP software to produce 45-day cloud-free (so-called level 3A) syntheses.

These two products 2A (single date) and 3A (monthly) are available in our download catalog and retain the basic characteristics of Sentinel-2 images, i.e. a geographical coverage of 100x100km and the 13 spectral bands.

On the contrary, the map layers diffused here are the result of an assembly of the 100x100kms products to make a continuous product (called mosaic), diffused in WM(T)S layers and limited to 3 bands for on-screen display.

Three by-products are thus diffused:

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About Land Use Land Cover Layer

The availability Sentinel-2 imagery with its unique characteristics (290 km swath, 10 to 60 m spatial resolution, 5-day revisit cycle with 2 satellites, 13 spectral bands) enables the implementation of land cover map production systems for the delivery of accurate information with the appropriate frequency.

The French Theia Land Data Centre has set up a Land Cover Scientific Expertise Centre in order to implement an fully operational automatic land cover map production system (iota2) using mostly Sentinel-2 image time series. The LULC product is updated once a year and contains ~17 thematic classes mapped at 10 m resolution.

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Theia cartographic layers

This application has been put in place internally (CNES/CESBIO/IRD/INRAE) :